Monday, September 03, 2012

Puerto Madryn… Be inspired for a week!

If you don´t know yet, Puerto Madryn (in Welsh Porth Madryn) is a city in Chubut province, located on the shore of Mar Argentino, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as the gate to enter Península Valdés, which in 1999 was professed as  world’s heritage by Unesco. It is nowadays, one of the main touristic spots of Patagonia and Southamerica.
 Why choose Puerto Madryn? Because Madryn has something for everyone: It is joy from start to finish, and one week here is unforgettable and completely different from weeks than other destinations.
We have everything to take you further than you expect: From dreamy landscapes to wild adventure, the warmest families to stay with, delicious dishes to try, and of course, our excellent crew that will lead your Spanish lessons. Always applying the contemporary style that captures the authentic spirit of Patagonia.
Not only will you go to explore marine fauna, but also, you will be able to explore our dining and nightlife, our cultural and entertaining events, and the overwhelming natural attractions.
Our warm families await you!

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