Thursday, August 16, 2012

Successful Coaching Course for Brazilian Spanish Teachers in Buenos Aires


 Coaching COINED Scholarship

Last Friday 10th of August finished, beyond all expectations, the second edition of the "COINED Training Scholarship for Brazilian Spanish Teachers" at the COINED's school in Buenos Aires.
The improvement course falls within the Federal Law nº 11.161 which, since 2005, promulgates the compulsory insertion of the Spanish language in Brazilian intermediate and college education.
Teachers with their diplomas
The responsibility of coaching this huge number of teachers can't be exclusive of one establishment only, that is why COINED decides to bet and to keep being leader in Latin America, innovating and incorporating new programmes which escorts the positioning of the Spanish as a second language.

Spanish is the new opportunity tool for the Brazilian people, which allows them to establish intercultural and economical relationships with the Spanish-speaking populations, projecting the country's identity and products beyond the Brazilian frontiers and offering services to the millions of Spanish-speaking visitors, that will attend to the World Cup in 2014 and to the Olympic games in 2016, both taking place in Brazil.

During a whole week the selected teachers improved their teaching, incorporating not only the knowledge related to the peculiar characteristics of the Spanish language, but  about the culture and practice of the teaching too, in a frame of exchange, debate and development.


"The course was awesome. I was able to share unique moments and experiences with the other teachers. The COINED teachers are incredibly well prepared, and they are quite dynamic, achieving perfectly the relationship between the theoretical, practical and cultural areas." José, Professor at the State University of Rio Grande del norte, Brazil.

The course showed me that it is possible to teach and grow along the students during the learning process. It's completely worth to be a teacher, and its possible because we will always be students at the same time" Nicole Helena, Sao Paulo University.

In November it will be completed this second edition of couching scholarships at the COINED school in Santiago De Chile.

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