Wednesday, June 13, 2012

internship experience assessment

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At the end of her internship, Marie Grammare, marketing assistant by COINED, is couting us the assessment of her experience. 

After two months and a half inside the firm, I could say that the balance is very positive and this according to every areas. 
In spite of the short duration of the internship, the experience was complete and intense.

Speaking of the skills, I really recommend to foreign students en exchange to valorise their experience doing an internship. Personnaly, it allowed me to discover more the area of internet marketing. I reached to combine marketing skills I acquired by the past while using new tools. I reaaly enjoyed developping the campains of prospection. Moreover, this internship was very useful according to the diversity of task I was in charge. 

Speaking of the personal and human vision, it was very enriching adn interesting. First of all it allowed me to develop my vocabulary and my fluidity. The redaction of notes on the blogs allowed me to play with several languages and to learn a lot of cultural aspects of Latin America. I really appreciate the confidence granted to me. I was with envy and motivation that I came to work every days and by the way I am quite sad that it already ends.

I think that this internship was a real fair's fair exchange and very fruitful. I would like to thank all the COINED team for having allowed me to live this experience and before all the marketing team for its cheerfulness, its patience and its generosity... I wish them a good continuation!

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