Friday, February 03, 2012

The #SpanishWord of the day: "PATACONES"

(Spanish version)
(French version)
If you are in Ecuator, go eating in whatever restaurant and ask for whatever   food it will always come with 6 or 7 "patacones". But waht are these yellow pieces that look like potatoes or sweet-potatoes?
Our #SpanishWord of the day comes from the country of the center of the world and is "patacón".
The "patacón" is some food made of pieces of fried green banana. It is a popular saucer  for many countries Latin American and Carribean countries.
The preparation exigate green bananas in order that the slices keep being like the picture. Usually  the preparation of the "patacón" needs to cut the banana in grosses slices. These would be fried quickly in hot oil (up to being gild), then put them outside the fire and squash them. Finally put them again in oil up to end frying them. In Ecuator the "patacón" goes with typical food made of beaf or fried fish or with coffee and cheese as breakfast. Near the coast it goes with seafood like cebiche for example.
Typical food: Fried fish with salad, rice, "menestra" and patacones.
How to prepare it at home?

- 4 green bananas
- 1 cup of oil
- Salt

-Peel the bananas. 
-Cut en slices of 2cms. 
-Hot the oil in a frying pan at low fire and fry them during 2-3mns.
-When the slices are gild squash them on a table. 
-Fry them again up to being well gild.
-Add salt and enjoy these delicious "patacones"!

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