Thursday, March 18, 2010


Every Monday night the famous percussionist band “La Bomba de Tiempo” takes over the city and makes the youth dance at the rhythm of 17 drums! This week was not the exception… even though the heat was too much, we went to this party to dance y jump, enjoying our selves. This band has 17 musicians improvises and follows the director trough more that 70 signs with hands, fingers and body, sometimes is kind of African, sometimes Latin, sometimes electronic…
Every week there’s an invited artist! Just amazing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala!

The celebration of Holy Week in Antigua can excite even the least Catholic.
Samples of devotion of the people are so powerful and such is the level of participation it is impossible to remain indifferent. The samples will be charged by a few blocks from the heavy structures that are images of Jesus or the Virgin to the manufacture of colored sawdust carpets or natural flower that are work of collective art and ephemeral, as the work itself remains until the long procession that accompanies the image of Christ, the latter used to pass with honors.

Clouds of incense accuse the location of the various processions through the streets of cobblestone that was once the capital of Guatemala.

Manufacture of Carpets!!!

This is an activity that takes hours and involves various social groups formed by, families, schools, commercial entities, and so on. producing such a work as an offering to Christ, thus following a tradition inherited in colonial times.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Summer to an end!

Great Season for Córdoba!
We close our season with the Closure Party! More than 150 people enjoyed our graden turned into a big, fun disco! Check the pictures out, from last 19th of february.
Que Fiestón en Córdoba! El 19 de Febrero cerramos la temporada con una fiesta para mas de 150 personas.

We visited Alta Gracia!
Che´s Museum and Estancia Jesuitica two beautiful places to enjoy in Alta Gracia. 30 km away of Córdoba, a nice place to learn about our history and glance our nice landscape. This city was home of Ernesto Che Guevara during his chilhood. We visited his house and learn about his personality. Jesuits history we saw in Estacia de Alta Gracia, first colonizers of this land.
Alta Gracia fue in paseo privilegiado por nuestros estudiantes. Visitamos la casa de la infancia del Comandante Che Guevara y aprendimos historia de nuestros antepasados jesuitas. Ademas de disfrutar de nuestro hermoso paisaje serrano.

Cordobes Day!
We celebrated the week of the mother languague at school, finishing it with a great "Picada" and dancing cuarteto, Córdoba local music... Photos coming soon!!
Celebramos la semana de la lengua materna finalizando la semana con una Picada Argentina y bailiando Cuarteto, la música típica de Córdoba...!