Monday, February 26, 2007

My thoughts on my volunteer experience

Written by John Reece Volunteer in Argentina
I wanted to come to Argentina to learn Spanish, to learn a different culture from the European and to make my time here a rewarding one. The project in La Boca, Buenos Aires, fulfilled all of those.Despite my lack of speaking skills, the coordinator, Cristina, her co-workers and the children of La Boca were extremely warm, helpful and welcoming. I was there to support the children with their English, yet they also helped me with my Spanish.Toward the end of my time in La Boca, I met one child's parent who came to the project every day. He told me his daughter had passed her English exam, and thanked me for my help. This was exactly the rewarding experience I was looking for.Intelligent children despite the area they live in, and the difficulties they encounter, it is much harder for them to make something of themselves in the future. Do a tiny bit for them, made a huge difference to me. photo

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